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A remarkably large swan on a banks of the Vologda River

If the title is “Spring Vologda”, it is already somehow completely irrelevant in the summer.

In general, if you publish a post without a title or keep the title as neutral as possible, each viewer will be allowed to choose his or her own topic.

And the theme is simple: the beginning of flowering of apple and bird cherry trees.

swans on the Vologda river

Never before have I desired to photograph the bloom all around me as much as this year.

It was all due to the weather circumstances, which aided in the quick flowering of every flora.

I will also say a few words about missing publications.

Sometimes I’m so fatigued that I don’t have the energy or time to make a post.

I make an effort to publish at least one post per day on a regular basis. However, once a month, there comes a day when nothing can be done.

Maybe for some it will seem like nonsense, but for me it is a set bar that I must keep and every pass is painful for me.

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