Enjoying hot beautiful Summer in St. Petersburg, Russia


While thunderstorms and showers rage around the city, I’ll show you summer St. Petersburg. True, this will be the start of a pleasant summer, rather than a blistering one.

The working winds took me to St. Petersburg, but I couldn’t avoid walking.

In the cultural capital, as in any study of a city, I imagined myself as a city dweller.

And this city became quite accessible to me.

I wouldn’t say it was simple or easy, but it was a lot easier than the previous time.

Solid walls from houses on all of the center’s streets begin to press against each other, which is unheard of.

Because the interior courtyard spaces are completely restricted to passers-by, studying them will be incredibly difficult.

There are many themes for both street photography and urban landscape photography in St. Petersburg.

I had to get used to the rhythm a little, but I was already on a quick material-reporting wave before the trip, so Peter was a breeze.

In short, if you want to feel at ease here (and I’m just in this city for the second time), you should prepare a little.

I will not say for all people: maybe New York will not steal attention from someone.

However, practically everyone will experience a wide range of feelings when visiting such a vast metropolis for the first time.

Vologda had previously been incomprehensible to me.

You may learn about any city or country…

Imagine the tourists’ level of awareness!

You must jolt your mind as much as possible!

It opened up for me because I liked Peter, but I’m not ready to live in it yet.

It’s as if something is lacking, as if there is still a minor obstacle in the way.

But that is precisely why the space is intriguing, and why it must be solved.

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