Some great photography of the Syamzha- Vologda – Russia


During my travel to the northern part of Russia’s Vologda region, I visited another beautiful regional center called Syamzha. Syamzha is located on the Syamzhena River, 116 kilometers from the regional center of Vologda. The settlement is on the federal route M8 “Kholmogory.”

The kingdom of suspension bridges is the Syamzhensky district. This village already has three of them!

As has already become customary, people swim everywhere, fleeing the heat.

In Syamzha there are still elevation changes and the streets are located chaotically, which immediately attracts and disposes to a walk.

I was here in winter too, but unfortunately I lost the pictures I took then.

Here I would like to go around every street.

Here I would like to go around every street.

Previously, the suspension bridge for me was some kind of special rare curiosity.

But lately I’ve seen a lot of them.

Even in Syamzha, fir-trees grow along the river.

And people are swimming.

And there are colored suspension bridges.

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