Travel- Malate City in Philippine- enjoying night Sight


I previously discussed a ritual wedding in Bali, Indonesia. The majority of Balinese people still practice and believe in Hinduism. I recently wrote about my trip to Chiang Mai after spending a few days in Bangkok. It was part of my two-year solo trek in Asean. Please take note, and don’t blame me if you notice that the majority of the folks in my photo did not wear masks. It’s because we hadn’t even heard about Covid 19 at the time. It felt so safe strolling with so many people surrounding us, even if they weren’t wearing masks.

I documented my trip experiences on my website to remind myself that I need to do the same thing after the epidemic, which is to travel and see the globe again. People frequently ask me what the distinction is between travel and vacation. Well, if you’re on vacation, you’ll be preparing most of the time, and occasionally you’ll have to prepare those journeys for a long time. However, if you are traveling alone, as many of us do, you will most likely arrive and blend in with their community for an extended amount of time or until your visit visa expires.

If you follow me, don’t be surprised if I change my topic from one location to another.

It was a night out in Malate, Manila, with my Pilipino friend Khaleel, or pogi, which means “handsome boy.” The best thing about the Philippines is that they genuinely conserve old architectural architecture, such as churches. This is a lovely church in Malate.

This magnificent statue of Rajah Sulaiman III can be located near the cathedral. According to mythology, Rajah Sulaiman III was the last king of Manila to fight colonial Spanish.

STREET ARTIST is an abbreviation for “Street Artist
In Manila, there are many creative people. There is a lot of gorgeous and noteworthy painting for sale in MALATE.

Art is another one of my interests. I began traveling when I traveled to Myanmar to learn photography from one of my recognized teachers and role models. After those classes, I began traveling and had no idea that I had spent two years traveling alone in order to develop my knowledge of photography and experience the beautiful world on my own.

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