Travelling to the awesome area called Ust-Reka – Russia


Ust-Reka (Mouth-of-River) is a village in Russia’s Vologda region, located in the Syamzhensky district. It is the administrative center of the Ustretsky rural community. A gravel-crushed-stone road leads to Syamzha’s district center, which is 21 kilometers away.

Two rivers, the Syamzhena and the Kubena, run through the settlement.

The Syamzhena River stretches for 117 kilometers. There are seven tributaries that flow into it.

Kubena is three times as long at 368 kilometers. However, there are seven major tributaries, one of which being the Syamzhena.

The river bank is reached through a field road. You can go by passenger automobile during the dry, snow-free season.

The Kubena River emerges for the last time on our journey, but we shall return to Syamzhena. The orientation is perfect for the next district center, the settlement of Syamzha, which has just emerged on the bank of the same-named river.

In the winter, I drove here. The villages are lovely, and the woodlands are dense, but the vistas change dramatically in the summer.

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