Travel to the Macizo de Teno Spain


Hiking opportunities abound in the Macizo de Teno, just as they do in Anaga, thanks to a wonderful network of well-worn pathways. More than a thousand years before the advent of the Spanish, the Guanches colonized this area, and the pathways they used to move from town to village are still visible, imprinted in the landscape after centuries of use.

The route we took (recommended by Rother’s hiking guide in Tenerife) began at Restaurante Fleytas [place], halfway between Erjos and Santiago del Teide. Before returning to the restaurant through ancient laurel woodlands, our circular walk would take us to a couple of tiny summits, the Cruz de Gala and Pico Verde.

Tenerife has enough to offer everyone, not just sunbathers; hikers will be spoiled for choice. In fact, this appears to be the ideal place for couples that enjoy a variety of activities. If your spouse’s preference for lying on the beach all day bores you to death, get in the car, go on an incredible trek, and be back on the sand before dusk.

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