Travel to the nice city Ljubljana – capital of Slovenia


Ljubljana has a deep and fascinating history, which you may learn more about here. Ljubljana is particularly unusual in that it is home to the world’s oldest wooden wheel. I had a terrific day exploring this magnificent city with my father, even though I didn’t see this historic wheel during my stay.

We took a train to Zagreb, Croatia, where we rented a car and drove to Ljubljana after meeting up with my father in Budapest. We stayed in a room at Hostel Tabor, which was OK. I believe the structure was once a school.

On the hill, there were several weird sculptures. These sculptures turned out to be quite ordinary in comparison to the other sculptures we encountered throughout the city. Aside from ancient wheels, Ljubljana has other strange sculptures.

Ljubljana has a very charming style. A gorgeous city with nice tiny complex features on the buildings, intriguing constructions, and a placid-looking river running through it.

Tourists and residents alike packed the old town area, although it never felt as crowded as other tourist attractions like as Berlin or Barcelona. We never had trouble finding seats at restaurants or sites.

The riverside promenade was a nice area to wander, hang out, or take a break for beverages or food.

We visited Postojna Cave during our stay in Ljubljana. I attempted to take shots, but none of them worked out well. I visited caves or mines in Poland, Slovenia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Colombia, and most likely additional countries. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a good photograph inside a cave.

The Postojna Cave is a sight to behold. It’s a 24-kilometer cave network that’s one of Europe’s largest.

We continued on to Predjama Castle, which is a little more attractive than the cave. It’s a massive castle erected into the cave’s mouth.

We returned to Ljubljana for one last evening before checking out and leaving for our next destination after our day trip to the cave and castle.

That closes my little tour of Ljubljana’s wonderful city. Keep an eye out for the next episode. We’ll go deeper into Slovenia, which is a stunning country.

I described a strange-but-not-that-weird sculpture earlier in this piece. Here are a few of the more unusual sculptures.

It looks like something from H. R. Giger’s head. Horror movies are fun and all, but do you really want sculptures from them throughout your city? In Ljubljana, I suppose the answer is yes.

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