Travel to the tenerife a canary island in Spain


There were a lot of people there, which was understandable given how easy it is to get there by car, how easy it is to walk there, and how beautiful the rocks are.

On the route from Teide National Park, you may even take a cut and gaze at the island’s structure – some of the road’s curves are rather lovely.

We scheduled a visit to the area — Zona de Exclusion of Monte de Aguirre in the Rural de Anaga park — in order to spend more time in the island’s forests. It’s free, but you must make a reservation on the internet so that they can check: the path can only accommodate a certain number of people per day. The path isn’t in a circle.

The trail’s start location is marked on the site’s map, however it is not marked in any way on the ground (on the road). Maybe it was designed that way so that it wouldn’t be discovered by chance? There is a tunnel not far from the trail’s entrance that is worth a halt; it is interesting to stroll through.

Only two tourists were present on that particular day. The trail, which is not well-traveled, begins in the forest, where doors to caves are hidden and fresh water condenses from the environment. Water pours down narrow pipes that run the length of the path, and these pipes may often be seen on the trail.

Mirador Benijo is one of our next stops. A huge and comfy black sand beach can be found on the upper right – a surfer’s heaven and simply the most stunning bathing spot…

Almáciga is a little town perched on the edge of a cliff. It’s a very pleasant place because it’s not very touristic.

The town of Vilaflor is located at the highest point on the island of Tenerife. You can stop there on your way to Teide or just for the night, and that’s where we stayed our last night. In the distance, the island of La Gomera can be seen.

A giant Canarian pine Pino Gordo, a local icon not far from the Vilaflor, is a local landmark – the tree is roughly 280 years old. Canary pines are generally highly attractive, and their needles are lengthy but delicate. There are entire pine trees in the highlands, which are really lovely to wander through.

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