Very beautiful and amazing city tour- Kham Duc, Vietnam


Between Pleiku and Hoi An, I stopped in Kham Duc, a little town. Even though there isn’t much to do in this town, I had a nice time there.

I awoke early in Pleiku and was relieved to be leaving. The hotel I stayed in was not very nice, and the Central Highlands were starting to bore me. On this particular day, I would be approaching the highlands and jungles, which would be fortunate for me.

I haven’t included videos in these blogs, but if anyone is curious about how my day began, you can view it here.

As I walked out of the hotel and out of Pleiku, this was the beginning of my day.

The Central Highlands’ large flat plateau opened up outside of the city. I could see the mountains I’d be driving through in the distance.

I came across some cool murals in one town. I’m pretty sure the structure was a military base, but it could also have been a museum.

Things seemed to get a little greener and more lively as I got closer to the mountains.

The day was largely sunny and scorching hot.

This town had a large traffic circle, yet there was very little traffic. It seemed a little excessive, but perhaps they have a lot of traffic around rush hour.

It was a beautiful day for riding, and I was relieved to find that there wasn’t much construction going on.

I thought some of the small houses and barns were cool.

Kids riding bikes and holding hands is one of the things I’ve seen in Vietnam that I’ve never seen anyplace else.

When I inquired about it, I was told that they clasp hands so that they can assist one another. I suppose one pulls when the other needs to take a break?

It’s strange how my camera takes a lot of shots that appear fuzzy or as if the lens is filthy. Other photos, on the other hand, are extremely bold and colorful. I’m not sure what happened to cause that.

It was really hot, and I had to turn around for a brief respite in the shade. There were lengthy lengths of road with no shade whatsoever. I came to a halt here to get some water and stretch.

It was enjoyable to ride alongside the river. I always prefer to travel near water, whether by bike, scooter, or foot.

I travelled through a number of little towns.

The majority of the communities contain only a few stores on the main road and a few dwellings on side streets.

In Vietnam, things like these happen all the time. This individual chose to do a U-turn on the highway just before a blind curve. On the road, you must always be vigilant.

I began my ascent into the highlands. On this side of the mountains, the vegetation was scarce.

People in most locations tend to live close to one another. There were a number of homes and farms in this area that were much more isolated.

I could see where the jungle had not yet been tamed higher up the mountain.

There were numerous little settlements and farms to be found.

I discovered a wonderful small resting location.

Rice paddies were still novel to me at this stage in the journey. I was going to see a lot of them. Something about the way they all look together is really great.

When I eventually reached the opposite side of the mountain, I was greeted by a massive jungle!

Although the photo isn’t great, the jungle was vivid, dense, and alive. It was a welcome change of pace from the Central Highlands’ large flat plain.

It was a tremendous treat for me to ride down the mountain and into the jungle. It all seemed so enigmatic to me.

On the outskirts of Kham Duc, I drove through another small settlement.

Finally, I arrived in Kham Duc. I booked a hotel room and left my belongings there.

I gave my bike some fresh juice and had the oil changed because it had been kind to me.

I found a great little spot in town to sit and drink some beers. I sat here for a few hours, reading my book and taking in the atmosphere of this charming little town.

It’s fascinating to observe how people live in other countries. People would come into the restaurant and order food to go home with them. Others went to different shopping and restaurants. A loud speaker that would periodically make an announcement was something new for me. It reminded me of the school announcements. I was curious as to what was being said.

The restaurant’s proprietor prepared a meal for me. She was a total darling who was both friendly and jovial. Other individuals would come up to the foreigner and greet him. The elderly ladies would make a lot of jokes and flirt with me. It was just hilarious.

For me, this was a novel veggie. It was the first time I’d ever seen one. It’s a melon with a strong flavor. I requested her to chop a piece off for me, and she offered me a bit with a shocked expression. It’s really bitter, and you shouldn’t consume it uncooked.

I returned to my hotel room after dinner. Hanging out at the restaurant had been a lot of fun.

There’s no particular reason why I preferred this town to Pleiku. I simply enjoyed myself more here. My hotel room was also considerably nicer. This village doesn’t have much to offer, yet Kham Duc holds a special place in my heart. I also like venturing into the jungle after leaving the Central Highlands. The Central Highlands are beautiful, although they can get repetitive after a time. There was also a lot of building going on.

The next stop will be Hoi An, a backpacker’s favorite. I’m hoping you’ll join me on my adventure to the next city tomorrow!

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