Very beautiful night time view- Frozen Postcard Vologda


Different types of photography are analogous to different moods or frequencies in a person’s life. Sometimes you want to shoot a landscape, occasionally you want to do a reportage, and sometimes you just want to play with graphics and abstraction.

Any city can design their own postcard image. All you have to do is tune in to a specific wave (connect to a certain frequency).

Postcard views must be shot under specific conditions. It might be golden or blue hour.

In cloudy weather, you are unlikely to get a beautiful view, but rather a genre photography.

If you tighten the aperture on the lens, you can achieve the effect of stars from street lamps. It happens that not everyone likes it.

Sometimes there is a feeling that the further north the city is, the more impressive it looks.

Even though he is a true southerner, I believe that everyone should experience winter for himself.

The scattering of attractions over a large area has its advantages.

In truth, postcard views are rather simple to photograph. All you need to do is learn the fundamentals of landscape and night photography.

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