Very Beautiful | Reportage- photography you love to see


Reportage photography can depict a stark reality without embellishment, while it can resemble a stock shot of a lovely postcard depicting everyday life.

Both types have been successfully employed for publications in both the Internet and print media.

It’s no surprise that I’ve recently developed an unconscious fondness for yellow.

Yellow and black will be fashionable in the near future, if they aren’t already.

Despite the fact that I haven’t used black in photos in a long time (not to be confused with black and white photography).

The point of red, on the other hand, is a consistent norm in art.

A good reportage image should include a perfect composition as well as joyful youthful or middle-aged people.

There should be no situations in the film that make the spectator question their happiness or well-being.

In late spring or early summer, these are the easiest shots to take

The most difficult part will be during the off-season, when there will be puddles and muck everywhere. Then it’s graphics time.

Yes, if we’re talking about graphics, it’s nearly impossible to find them at the start of the summer.

Today, though, I came up with a new graphic story topic.

The old must never be dragged along, and the new must always be received with dignity. Only then will all development roads be opened.

This is also true in photography! Now I’m going to keep studying a new direction in photography that I discovered in the spring – full frontal flash – daytime shooting with a flash.

Only now will I be using flash to photograph landscapes rather than street scenes.

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