Vietnam travel blog: Amazing city tour Vung Tau Vietnam


On my Vietnam road journey, I stopped in Vung Tau for the first time. It’s a cool city with plenty of beaches and shoreline. There appeared to be much to see and do here. But, due to a lack of time, I didn’t do anything other than eat dinner and sleep.

The journey from Saigon was quick yet nerve-wracking. For me, getting out of the city was a difficult undertaking. I got on a freeway that was only for vehicles and trucks by accident. People were waving and pointing at me, urging me to pull over to the side of the road.

Riding became more pleasurable once I was out of the city. I still hadn’t figured out a viable way to transport my backpack, and my seat was cramped. I had left my large bag behind on earlier road trips in Loas, so I didn’t have to share the seat with it. It was now taking up about 80% of my seat, and riding was becoming uncomfortable.

Driving was better outside of the city, although there was still a lot of traffic for the first hour or two. I eventually got to locations where there weren’t as many cars and trucks.

I noticed a statue foundry next to the road. I’m not sure what it was, to be honest. Whatever it was, I had to come to a halt and take some pictures.

This monkey tree was one of my favorites. It’s difficult to argue with a statue of a monkey high-fiving a bald eagle.

I came across a pasture with a large number of water buffaloes further down the road. In Southeast Asia, I’d seen quite a few of them, although generally only a couple at a time. There seemed to be a lot of them in this field. I’d never seen so many buffaloes in one spot before.

The ride for the day was short. For my first day, I didn’t want to schedule a long ride. I wanted to make sure I could relax and that my bike wouldn’t break down after a few hours of riding.

At the early afternoon, I arrived in Vung Tau and got a place. I’m not sure how I went about seeking accommodations. I know I’ve used the app a lot, but I’ve never used it to make a reservation. I’d utilize the map to locate the hotels, then meet with them in person to negotiate a deal.

I went out for a ride after unpacking my bike to explore the area and eat some dinner.

This island was visible from a little lookout location that I discovered. I’m curious if it’s a private residence or if rooms may be rented there.

At sea, there were also a lot of enormous ships.

I retired for the night after locating some food.

My first day of riding was a little hard at first, but I was gradually acclimating to driving in Vietnam. I’d spend the following few days attempting to figure out how to carry my bag in a more comfortable method.

That’s all I’ve got for today’s post. On this particular day, I didn’t snap many shots, but that’s how some days go. I didn’t want to stop for shots while there was a lot of traffic. I didn’t feel like shooting photos on other days, or I felt like I had enough photos of mountains, rivers, or whatever. We’ll see how things go as I continue on my journey. My previous series on this trip concentrated heavily on the videos I shot, but I believe they only received 1 or 2 views each, so I’ll skip them this time.

I hope you’ll accompany me on my road excursion to Vietnam’s northernmost point tomorrow!

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