Visit to the San Andrés and the Playa de las Teresitas Spain


Tenerife is a tropical resort known mostly for its beaches, therefore the vast majority of people come for the sun and sand. However, we didn’t visit a single beach throughout our first month on the island, preferring to focus on the forests and mountains instead. Today, though, we chose to visit the Playa de las Teresitas, located just up the coast from Santa Cruz in the town of San Andrés.

Las Teresitas is a traditional semi-circular beach with golden sand and a wave breaker close offshore to keep the waves from getting too rough. We were struck by the color of the sand, which was so different from the black, volcanic kind we’d seen on other Canary Islands beaches, and weren’t surprised to find that Las Teresitas is a man-made beach. Sand from the Sahara was brought in and deposited on top of the natural black-sand beach that had always existed here in the 1970s.

We spent the day on the sand, soaking in the sun and even wading into the sea, which was chilly but tolerable on this mid-January day. The gathering here seems to be primarily made up of locals… or at the very least, Spaniards. San Andrés lies on the other side of Tenerife from the traditional Costa Adeje resorts, and it appears to draw a completely different demographic.

We drove up to the Mirador dos Playas (here) after a few hours on the beach, where we had a beautiful view of Las Teresitas. It was a fantastic day out, and despite the fact that our Tenerife experience had been more about trekking than beaches, we were beginning to believe that the ratio might need to be modified.

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