Where you can find delicious and best Macaroons


Who hasn’t heard of these exquisite biscuits that come in a rainbow of colors? I was blown away by the fluffiness and sweetness of that lovely sandwich the first time I tried it. In the first mouthful, the first surprise was unveiled. That sensation of biting into a lovely puffy cloud that instantly dissolved in my lips eluded me. But it was the moment when that delicate crust met the filling that I enjoyed the most. Of course, the taste isn’t the only thing I like about macarons. Their stylish appearance is flawless, despite the fact that it appears to be nearly too simple at first glance.

When the meringue hits the filling, however, a closer look reveals a smooth surface with a fractured jagged edge. With so many different varieties to choose from, it’s no surprise that the flavors range from fruity to the unexpected, such as bacon, truffles, and even champagne.

The one with a slightly sour filling is my favorite. Because the dulcet confection is so light, I like to pair it with fruits. In fact, I normally go for the raspberry ones first. When we were in Paris, the raspberry triumphed again, despite the fact that there were so many varieties to choose from that I had a hard time remembering them all. To make it even more difficult, one was more attractive than the other. I didn’t want to take any because they were so well-presented, as it would jeopardize the presentation. They do, however, manage to keep the place stocked and folded at all times. It’s awe-inspiring how they do it!

Of course, we had to take a look about first, and then we came to a halt at the location that appealed to us the most. The Macarons we tried there were among the greatest we’ve ever tasted. We did, however, have a few really close calls after that. The winners, though, are without a doubt those from Paris.

It may appear that creating them is simple because you can buy macaron molds and simply fill them. However, this is not the case. I had considered making one on my own several times. At first, the recipes piled up and the book collection grew. Then I sat down in front of the internet and perused the forums as well as YouTube. Then I understood there were several ways to sabotage the sweet circle. As a result, each attempt failed even before I reached the kitchen. Too quickly, my enthusiasm for baking faded, and I’m still holding out hope that one day I’ll be able to bake them on my own. Then I’ll most likely hide somewhere and devour them all without being judged.

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